Frequently Asked Questions


Question – Do I have to be present when Clean Marine comes to pump out my boat?

Answer – No you don’t. We make the rounds each week similar to city trash service. If your boat is on that week’s schedule, we will take care of it. We leave a tag attached with a rubber band to a rail or cleat near the waste fitting indicating we were there.


Question – If I pre-pay for pump outs, do I have to use them right away?

Answer – No. You tell us when to start, how often, and when to stop. But keep in mind, prepaid pump outs must be used within one year of purchase.


Question – Why sign up for weekly service if my holding tank isn’t usually full every week?

Answer – Keeping your holding tank empty eliminates the primary source of fowl odor. The vacuum created in the tank when it is pumped out also helps keep vent lines clear and replenishes the tank with fresh air. Plus, you practically never have to think about whether or not it’s too full!


Question – How often should I back flush my holding tank with freshwater?

Answer   It depends on several things, you and how you use your boat, the amount of water your marine heads use per flush, and how well vented the tank is. Generally,if you use your boat regularly and get weekly pump out service, every other pump out is probably sufficient. If you only pump out every 4 to 6 weeks, we recommend a flush after every pump out. There are other factors to consider, the amount of solids versus liquids, etc.  We would be happy to discuss it with you, whether you use our service or not.


Question – What kind of odor treatment does Clean Marine use?

Answer – We use our own formula called Clean Marine Odor Eater, a microbiological product that allows the natural ability of bacteria/enzymes to digest and degrade waste in holding tanks. Unlike chemical products, our’s is an almost clear liquid that breaks down and neutralizes odor-causing waste by releasing organisms that instantaneously begin degradation of food by-products found in holding tank systems.  Used regularly, it will lesson or prevent sludge build up in the tank. It is also non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-caustic, and non-polluting. It can also be used in sink drains and bilges to help eliminate biological based odor sources.

When used regularly, you won’t believe how well it works! Clean Marine Odor Eater can be purchased by the bottle at The Tackle Box stores and most marina fuel dock or ship stores. Or you can purchase it from us and we will deliver it to your boat when we come to pump it out.


Question – Can I use my own odor treatment?

Answer – Sure. But we would encourage you to try ours. In our experience, it works better over time to eliminate odor than anything we have tried. That’s why we use it!  It can also be used in bilges and sink drains to eliminate odor, as well as carpet or fabric soiled with pet spots. It’s colorless and non polluting.

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